Skirting Board



 PROFILITEC presents a wide range of technical baseboards, a first-rate alternative to traditional wood or ceramic base profiles. Designed as aesthetic yet technical elements, the modern line of aluminum baseboards are durable and resistant to humidity. An internal cavity acts as a channel for low voltage cabling such as telephone, TV and computer wiring. An innovative “two-tone” baseboard is available in a variety of chromatic variations and matches most material finishes. Coordinating “two-tone” wall protection rails, particularly suited for public settings, complete the design. “Plano,” the latest member of the baseboard family, fully integrates into the wall surface, creating a level, linear transition between wall and floor.

Product List:

Solid synthetic resin wall protection corner guard

Solid synthetic resin Wall protection profile

Solid synthetic resin baseboard profile

SANITEC IC baseboard profiles meet hygiene standards in public spaces subject to sanitary inspection

PLANO BFW baseboard profiles trim the lower edge of the drywall panels and invisibly integrate into the wall installation

a new, one-of-a-kind profile elegantly finishes drywall ceiling and wall installations

BASEBOARD-BT aluminum profiles detail glass mosaic and thin-set tile wall-to-floor transitions

Patented Plano Design baseboards are designed to fully integrate into the wall

Durable aluminum BASEBOARD BI profiles are composed of two interlocking elements

BAR profiles with a distinctive horizontal ribbing

metal and PVC profiles

Patented aluminum BASEBOARD that creates a “two-tone” design composed of two profiles