Brand Info:


Profilitec is an integral part of an industrial group, made up of companies in the field of micro precision engineering, high-tech mould production, advanced techno-polymers extrusion and the manufacturing of structural compounds.

The history of a company built one day at a time that takes pride in its exceptionally solid foundation

Since 1966 our group represents a benchmark producer in the profile sector.

Over the years production has grown and diversified and we have thus matured as a company of high technical ability proposing a wide variety of innovative solutions for floor and wall coverings. Efficient logistics has allowed us to be present timely and effectively worldwide in the key markets of floors and coatings for interiors, design and construction.

Prompt and active support provided by our staff, marketing materials, technical courses and training, allows us to be an important and key reference in our sector.


The decision to manage all production processes internally in a vertical and integrated form enables us to keep know-how, service and performances at the highest level.

We have implemented innovative processes which position us at the top level in our sector, as a company of excellence at 360 degrees.

Company 100% Made in Italy.


Over 10.000 sq.m of warehouse surface with millions of metres of profiles stocked , ready for quick and punctual deliveries.

Profilitec SpA guarantees its customers a reliable supply chain.

As a company with more than 10.000 customers in more than 65 countries, we guarantee a service with fast and accurate deliveries worldwide. Profilitec is a guarantee for timely and accurate deliveries.

Profilitec processes 99% of orders within 24 hours of reccipt.


Innovation, design and range depth, are the elements that best characterize the product offering of Profilitec.

Solutions and answers are carefully planned, designed, realized and communicated for our worldwide dealers and installers.


Profilitec boasts an impressive number of patents and inventions.


Knowledge becomes a value once it is effectively packaged and communicated to the market.

A highly important task which Profilitec professionals perform daily in their service to architects, contractors, installers, distributors and end users.

Training and technical support

Technical training, communicated with various educational formats to all industry participants, provides a significant advantage to our customers when chosing the right technical solution to a product or installation problem.

For this Profilitec provides qualified personnel for training and continued education to customers and their clients.

The company's technical department is always available to support both design and installation.